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SIV Course

S.I.V (Simulation d’Incident en Vol)
Simulating Situations in Flight
S.I.V gives the pilot a dynamic reaction to recover his/her paraglider to normal flight from unexpected situation, with an instructor’s guidance. The aim for that, preparing the pilot to react properly to an unexpected or dangerous situation while flying. This course is about learning the limits of your wing, this will give you more confidence in your everyday flying.
Participants must have at least 100 flights and have to declare their licenses.
Participants has to have a proper insurance.
Before the flights, for being mentally motivated, each student will join theoretical course which is supported with videos.
Pilots wear life vests which we will provide.
A safety boat will be ready for every pilot in case of landing on water.
Pilot and instructor will always be connected with radio, you will be guided by the instructor with each manoeuvre during the flight.