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Teaching to fly: our club is the only flying association in Albania who has a real flying school, recognized by APPI. We have a great experience in teaching both theoretical and practical questions to anyone who want to begin this sport. Learning is step by step, as a combination of continuous practice in the ground, explaining theoretical books, analyzing different concrete questions in videos etc. A minimum of 7 intensive learning days is necessary for a beginner. A person should be at least 16 years to get enrolled in the school with parental permission. First 3-5 flights will be under survey of the instructors and under radio communication. A possible tandem flight is possible before the solo flight. Flying is not an opinion, an illusion or a beautiful quantity of words, but a real reality! We work in the safe side of flying and we consider this sport in a serious way. It’s not for people thinking they are heroes or braves enough. It’s not an extreme sport. It’s really safe if you do things in calm, rational and pleasure way, without going against nature rules, weather conditions, egoistic or collective pressure.
– We are the only flying association in Albania to deliver International Flying License APPI. The student must pass both theoretical and practical exams and a minimum of 20 flights under survey to get the first flying license.
– We can teach in Albanian, English, French and Italian languages.

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Pilot Level courses

Open Sky Pilot

Open Sky Pilot is the first degree in APPI Education System. The student learns how to install and control the wing on the ground (ground skimming) and have his first solo flight experience. At this level, the student is allowed to fly ONLY with radio communication and under instructor’s supervision.

Adventure Pilot

ADVENTURE PILOT Adventure Pilot is a paragliding student capable to fly from the take off to the landing zone in stable weather conditions, in altitude gliding. But still allowed to fly ONLY with radio communication and under instructors supervision.

APPI Pilot

APPI Solo Pilot is the student who achieved the level to become an independent pilot, capable to fly without supervision and to analyze different weather conditions, having specialty in alpine, soaring and/ or flat land. Before to fly in different sites, APPI Solo Pilots are recommended to choose places where they can have Assistance of an APPI School, where they receive important information, support and have more security. As a benefit of being an APPI member, any APPI Solo Pilot can get one day FREE Assistance in any APPI School in the world.

Advanced Pilot

Pilot independent, with experience, capable to fly and analyze all different weather conditions and in any flying site. An Advanced APPI Pilot qualifies the pilot who wants to continue APPI Paragliding Education, to improve his performance skills and knowledge and be ready to go Pro.

Paramotor Pilot

APPI Paragliding pilots can sit a 10 Day Paragliding conversion course to become APPI PPG pilots. Some of the best PPG instructors in the world already supports APPI. A new APPI PPG Education System is already available for all APPI (…)