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Zapraszamy na majówkę do Albanii!


Ten piękny kraj ma do zaoferowania znacznie więcej niż świetnie usytuowane startowiska i wyszkoloną kadrę paralotniarską. Poza pięknymi krajobrazami widzianymi z lotu ptaka, będziecie mogli poznać bogatą kulturę, historię, wyśmienite jedzenie i przede wszystkim gościnnych i uśmiechniętych ludzi.

kiedy: 29 kwietnia-5 maja, daje nam to 7 dni lotnych plus dwa dni na dojazd (28 kwietnia i 6 maja),
dla kogo: piloci wszystkich poziomów (ze Świadectwem Kwalifikacji), wybierzemy startowiska odpowiadające waszym umiejętnościom,
gdzie: będziemy wybierać spośród ponad 20 startowisk oddalonych od siebie 1-3 godziny jazdy samochodem. W zależności od warunków pogodowych oraz waszych preferencji lotniczych możemy przemieszczać się z miejsca na miejsce. Wiosna to bardzo dobra pora nie tylko na XC (Tirana, Mollas, Korca, Berat, Girocaster) ale i loty żaglowe (Mollas) albo nawet wyciągarkę na jeziorze (Ohrid)!

Tutaj możecie znaleźć szczegółowy opis najlepszych miejscówek.

Co jest zawarte w cenie:

• transfer z lotniska,
• zakwaterowanie ze śniadaniem (pokoje 2-3 osobowe),
• planowanie i analiza lotów, guiding, briefing na temat terenu i warunków pogodowych,
• transport na startowisko i odbiór po locie.


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Po info w sprawie ceny (zależnej od ilości uczestników) oraz więcej szczegółów zapraszamy do kontaktu na lub pod numerem +48 733 552 013 lub +355 69 207 5277

Paragliding Trips

Fly with us in Albania!

This beautiful country has much more to offer than great flying sites and professional pilots. Along with pristine landscapes admired from above you will be able to experience rich and unique culture, learn about history and taste some of the best fresh food. The locals will make you feel like home!
With favorable weather and plenty of flying sites situated just few hours drive apart it makes a perfect spot for pilots of all levels.

We invite groups of pilots of any level during the whole year and especially in spring, summer and autumn for the best conditions. Whether you prefere adventurous hike&fly, easy access take-off, soaring, XC or even winching on the lake, we have plenty of sites to choose from. It will be left up to you where and how long you wish to stay, we will be there to guide you.

What’s included:
• airport transfers,
• shared or private accomodation with breakfast (possible camping),
• transport to take-off and retrival,
• planning and flight analysis,
• guiding,
• wether conditions and terrain briefings.

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For more informations and price (dependent on number of pilots and time of the year) contact us on                                 or call +355 69 207 5277


Phone: 0692075277


SIV Course

S.I.V (Simulation d’Incident en Vol)
Simulating Situations in Flight
S.I.V gives the pilot a dynamic reaction to recover his/her paraglider to normal flight from unexpected situation, with an instructor’s guidance. The aim for that, preparing the pilot to react properly to an unexpected or dangerous situation while flying. This course is about learning the limits of your wing, this will give you more confidence in your everyday flying.
Participants must have at least 100 flights and have to declare their licenses.
Participants has to have a proper insurance.
Before the flights, for being mentally motivated, each student will join theoretical course which is supported with videos.
Pilots wear life vests which we will provide.
A safety boat will be ready for every pilot in case of landing on water.
Pilot and instructor will always be connected with radio, you will be guided by the instructor with each manoeuvre during the flight.



Flying equipments: glider, harness, rescue parachute, carabineers and all other accessories.We offer a great diversity of paragliding gear. We are official dealers of Sol Paragliders, Niviuk and Advance for Albania

Flight Reservation

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Flying Sites

Dajti mount, Tirana. (Mountain) :
Take-off: 1020m asl.
Landing: 190m asl
Flyable: All Year.
Max. Take-off hours: 10h-16h (May-September) and 11h-15h (October-April).
Best thermal hours: 12h-14h.
Flyable wind direction: from NW to SSW.
Best wind direction: W and WSW.
General wind direction: NW and WNW.
Quality of take-off place: 2/5.
Quality of landing place: 2/5.
Flying characteristics: generally turbulent. Suitable for Soaring and XC. Not a great site for beginners. Possible for Tandem (with a very good pilot).
Warning: with NW wind requires fast and precise take-off skills. Avoid take-off with NW wind more than 2m/s.

Shashica mount, Vlora. (Seaside) :
Take-off: 680m asl.
Landing: 0m asl.
Flyable: All Year.
Max. Take-off hours: 10h-17h (May-September) and 10-16 (October-April).
Best flying hours: 12h-15h.
Flyable wind direction: from NNW to SSW.
Best wind direction: NW and W.
General wind direction: NW.
Quality of takeoff place: 4/5.
Quality of landing place: 4/5.
Flying characteristics: laminar wind and rarely turbulent. Suitable for Soaring. A great site for beginners, soaring and acro pilots. Great site also for Tandems.
Warning: no particular flying attention. Just be careful at landing, specially during warm season, the beach may be crowded.

Llogara pass. (Seaside):
Take-off: 880m asl.
Landing: 0m asl.
Flyable: All Year.
Max. Take-off hours: 10h-16h.
Best flying hours: 12h-14h.
Flyable wind direction: from WNW to SSE
Best wind direction: WSW and SW.
General wind direction: W.
Quality of take-off place: 3/5.
Quality of landing place: 5/5.
Flying characteristics: laminar wind and sometimes turbulent.
Suitable for Soaring and XC.
Suitable for beginners and Tandem flying.
Great for acro pilots.
Warning: after take-off, avoid do fly toward the right side (N and NW) or above the straight valley between take-off place and the higher mountain in the right.

Morava mount, Korçë. (Mountain) :
Take-off: 1340m asl.
Landing: 920m asl.
Flyable: All year.
Max. Take-off hours: 10h-16h (May-September) and 11h-15h (October-April).
Best thermal hours: 12h-15h. Flyable wind direction: NNW to SSW.
Best wind direction: NW and W.
General wind direction: NW.
Quality of takeoff place: 3/5.
Quality of landing place: 4/5.
Flying characteristics: non turbulent, but strong thermals in summer. Suitable for Soaring and great for XC. Suitable for beginners and Tandem flying.
Warning: no particular flying attention. During warm season, the thermic activity may be fast and strong till 16h-17h.

Shpirag mount, Berat. (Mountain/Slope):
Take-off 1+2: 1170m asl.
Landing 1: 675m asl. (If flying against West)
Landing 2: 60m asl (If flying against East)
Flyable: All year.
Max. Take-off hours: 11h-18h (May-September) and 12h-15h (October-April).
Best thermal hours: 12h-15h. Flyable wind direction: NNW, NW, W, WSW, SSW, SSE, SE, E, NE, NNE.
Best wind direction: W, WNW, WSW, SE, E. General wind direction: NW, W (between 12h-17h) and E, SE (between 08h-12h)
Quality of takeoff place: 3/5. Quality of landing place: 4/5.
Flying characteristics: non turbulent, great thermals in summer and good in winter time. Suitable for Soaring and great for XC. Suitable for beginners and Tandem flying.
Warning: no particular flying attention. During warm season, the thermic activity may be fast and strong till 16h-17h.

Occasionally flying sites in Albania
– Tomorr mount, Poliçan. (Mountain) Takeoff: 1940m asl. Landing: 1470m asl. Flyable: from May to September. Suitable wind direction: from N to S. Best wind direction: NE. Strong thermal activity. Moderate windy in general. Great for XC and Soaring. Not for beginners. 3/5 Takeoff place but landing might be difficult in XC mode.
– Cajup mount, Gjirokastër. (Mountain) Takeoff: 830m asl. Landing: 370m asl. Flyable: from May to September. Suitable wind direction: from WNW to SSW. Best wind direction: W. Strong thermals. Great for XC and Soaring. Suitable for beginners and tandem flying. 4/5 Takeoff place and many possibilities for normal landing in XC mode.

Our Pilots


– We offer photos and videos for each passenger. The service is included in the flying price.
– We can order printed gliders with the advertising you like on the upper or lower side of the glider.

Courses & Licenses


Teaching to fly: our club is the only flying association in Albania who has a real flying school, recognized by APPI. We have a great experience in teaching both theoretical and practical questions to anyone who want to begin this sport. Learning is step by step, as a combination of continuous practice in the ground, explaining theoretical books, analyzing different concrete questions in videos etc. A minimum of 7 intensive learning days is necessary for a beginner. A person should be at least 16 years to get enrolled in the school with parental permission. First 3-5 flights will be under survey of the instructors and under radio communication. A possible tandem flight is possible before the solo flight. Flying is not an opinion, an illusion or a beautiful quantity of words, but a real reality! We work in the safe side of flying and we consider this sport in a serious way. It’s not for people thinking they are heroes or braves enough. It’s not an extreme sport. It’s really safe if you do things in calm, rational and pleasure way, without going against nature rules, weather conditions, egoistic or collective pressure.
– We are the only flying association in Albania to deliver International Flying License APPI. The student must pass both theoretical and practical exams and a minimum of 20 flights under survey to get the first flying license.
– We can teach in Albanian, English, French and Italian languages.

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Pilot Level courses

Open Sky Pilot

Open Sky Pilot is the first degree in APPI Education System. The student learns how to install and control the wing on the ground (ground skimming) and have his first solo flight experience. At this level, the student is allowed to fly ONLY with radio communication and under instructor’s supervision.

Adventure Pilot

ADVENTURE PILOT Adventure Pilot is a paragliding student capable to fly from the take off to the landing zone in stable weather conditions, in altitude gliding. But still allowed to fly ONLY with radio communication and under instructors supervision.

APPI Pilot

APPI Solo Pilot is the student who achieved the level to become an independent pilot, capable to fly without supervision and to analyze different weather conditions, having specialty in alpine, soaring and/ or flat land. Before to fly in different sites, APPI Solo Pilots are recommended to choose places where they can have Assistance of an APPI School, where they receive important information, support and have more security. As a benefit of being an APPI member, any APPI Solo Pilot can get one day FREE Assistance in any APPI School in the world.

Advanced Pilot

Pilot independent, with experience, capable to fly and analyze all different weather conditions and in any flying site. An Advanced APPI Pilot qualifies the pilot who wants to continue APPI Paragliding Education, to improve his performance skills and knowledge and be ready to go Pro.

Paramotor Pilot

APPI Paragliding pilots can sit a 10 Day Paragliding conversion course to become APPI PPG pilots. Some of the best PPG instructors in the world already supports APPI. A new APPI PPG Education System is already available for all APPI (…)

Tandem Flights

Tandem Flying

We offer flying experiences for passengers (tandem flights). This is possible during all over the year like in solo flying. During the summer the best place is Llogara mount. But Shashica mount in Vlora, Morava mount in Korça or Dajti mount in Tirana isn’t far behind. The passenger should be at least 10 years old with parental permission. Wearing a pair of shoes is necessary to run and takeoff. We think for the rest. We offer different trips for national or foreign groups of people who want not only to fly but also to explore the country, mountains, rivers or sea. We organize trips from Tirana to other cities or places, in off road car. During the summer is possible to make a local camping in the shore or up in the mount. We have good experience on that.



International activities

Each year we participate in two International events:

– Acrobatic World Cup in Zell am See, Austria. August.

– International Air Games Festival, Oludeniz, Turkey, October.

– Air Show in Galishica mount, Ohrid Lake, Macedonia. June and July.

National activities

– From May to September, during weekends, we are mostly in the South coast, Dhermi       beach and Llogara mount.

– From September to May, during weekends we fly mostly in Shashica mount, Vlora

– During the week we fly in Tirana, Dajti mount, and also teaching students or practice  exercises at Tirana’s lake.

– We fly in Morava mount, Korçë. December-January and August.


Sol Paragliders

SOL Paragliders is a company with focus on offering the best products to its customers both in its paragliding products as its acessories to free flight.

There is a wide range of products, which includes since gloves and helmets untill maintenance materials to the canopies and harnesses, such as pulleys and rip top stickers. The line of accessories manufactured by SOL is one of the most complete in the market.

About Us


Our Aeroclub is founded in 2010 as a good will between all the pilots to give birth to this flying association. Since than, we have achieved some of our principal goals:

2010 – Representing a well-known paragliding manufacturer in Albania (Sol Paragliders)

2012 – Roland Dorozhani: the first and the only Albanian instructor recognized by an International association (APPI)

2012 – Obtaining International flying licenses for our pilots (APPI)

2012 – The first and the only paragliding school in Albania, which is recognized by an International association (APPI). We have the right to deliver international flying licenses.

2013 – Except Zell am See Acro Cup and Air Show in Oludeniz, for this year we are planning two more trips: Dune de Pyla and Annecy in France. Norma, Italy.

2014 – Aeroclub Albania organized ParaAcrobatics World Cup 2014, Pogradec/ Albania

2015 – Aeroclub Albania organized AcroShow In Tirana/Alabania

          – Trips in Albania: Tirana, Vlora, Llogara,Berat, Korce, Gjirokaster, Kukes

Since we became friends and before creating the flying club, we organize each weekend (depending on weather forecast) trips not only between pilots but also we invite people who just want to see the view, be with us or explore new places.

Generally, during a year we are:

  • 8 weekends in Llogara/Dhermi
  • 20 weekends in Shashica/Vlora
  • 22 weekends in Dajt/Tirana including mid-week flights
  • 2 weekends in Morava/Korçë
  • 2 weekends in Galishica, Macedonia
  • 1 week in Zell am See, Austria
  • 1 week in Oludeniz, Turkey