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Aeroclub Albania

Safe paragliding since 2008

About Us


Our Aeroclub is founded in 2010 as a good will between all the pilots to give birth to this flying association. Since than, we have achieved some of our principal goals:

2010 – Representing a well-known paragliding manufacturer in Albania (Sol Paragliders)

2012 – Roland Dorozhani: the first and the only Albanian instructor recognized by an International association (APPI)

2012 – Obtaining International flying licenses for our pilots (APPI)

2012 – The first and the only paragliding school in Albania, which is recognized by an International association (APPI). We have the right to deliver international flying licenses.

2013 – Except Zell am See Acro Cup and Air Show in Oludeniz, for this year we are planning two more trips: Dune de Pyla and Annecy in France. Norma, Italy.

2014 – Aeroclub Albania organized ParaAcrobatics World Cup 2014, Pogradec/ Albania

2015 – Aeroclub Albania organized AcroShow In Tirana/Alabania

          – Trips in Albania: Tirana, Vlora, Llogara,Berat, Korce, Gjirokaster, Kukes

Since we became friends and before creating the flying club, we organize each weekend (depending on weather forecast) trips not only between pilots but also we invite people who just want to see the view, be with us or explore new places.

Generally, during a year we are:

  • 8 weekends in Llogara/Dhermi
  • 20 weekends in Shashica/Vlora
  • 22 weekends in Dajt/Tirana including mid-week flights
  • 2 weekends in Morava/Korçë
  • 2 weekends in Galishica, Macedonia
  • 1 week in Zell am See, Austria
  • 1 week in Oludeniz, Turkey